580 Fittings

580 compression fittings are designed to fit easily, yet snug, over 580 Soaker hose and 580 drip tubing. These black and yellow fittings are unique that they are the only drip fittings that have male garden hose threads on all the compression ends, making them truly unique in the industry. With the threaded ends you can turn a simple tee into a coupling, or an elbow by simply screwing on a garden hose cap. Tip: When installing soaker hose or tubing in the any compression fitting. Cut the tubing or hose at a slight angle. This will make it easier to start as rock the fitting onto the hose.

These fittings were sold by Fiskars in the 90's and up until 2006. Made popular under different brands “Moisture Master" and "Better Homes and Garden. These products were sold for years at many large chain stores. They're alive and well and still available with an increased line of fittings such as shut off valves, crosses and even a parts kit. If your looking to start your first drip or soaker hose system, this is where you want to start!

Products (Total Items: 8)
.580 Parts Kit
#109 - 580 Female Hose End
#123 - 580 Tee
#113 - 580 Coupling
#141 - Hose End Cap
#115 - 580 Elbow
#125 - 580 Cross
#142 - 580 Inline Valve