#123 - 580 Tee

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Use the .580 Compression Tee for creating 3 way branches in .580 od poly tubing or soaker hose. The Black and yellow compression fittings are unique, as besides being compression they also have male hose threads to make them very versatile. For instance if you have a tee, by simply using a cap, you can make the tee into elbow or coupling if need be.

Use tees to create rows off of a header of poly tubing.

Male hose ends also make it easy to attach your soaker hose or poly with a female fitting, which makes the system easy to put together and take apart for winter storage.

Using the #109 Female adapter and screwing it on to your tee, coupling, elbow or in-line valve and then using the compression end (of the #109) for your soaker hose or poly tubing, it allows you to easily disassemble your system.

Instead of just using the compression end to attach your tubing, as shown in the first photo in the diagram to the left

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