#546 - 2 Dial Greenhouse-Propagation Mist Timer
2 Dial Mist Timer

#546 - 2 Dial Greenhouse-Propagation Mist Timer

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Misting timer times in seconds to provide that cool burst of water to new seedlings, adding humidity or cooling to a greenhouse. Easy to program (see video). 

546  2 Dial Greenhouse Mist Timer Features

  • *Solar Panel

  • Rain Sensor

  • Clear Cover

  • Preset Programs

  • **AA Batteries

  • Low Battery Indicator

  • Mesh Filter Washer

  • Operating Temperature: 40F-110F

  • Operating Pressure 6-80 PSI

  • Dial Display

  • Programming :

       How Long: 2 Min – 24 Hr

       How Often: 5 Sec – 30 Min

  • Warranty:  1 Year

  • Weather Proof (not water proof, do not submerge unit in water)


* Solar = AA Rechargeable Batteries are re-charged via the sun. Timer operation is 24/7.

** When using AA Rechargeable Batteries in conjunction with the solar panel, be sure batteries are fully charged the first time. AA Alkaline may be used, but will not recharge.


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