Greenhouse Mist Kit
Greenhouse Mist Kit

#GHMK Greenhouse Misting Kit Provides Cooling and Humidity - Complete Kit

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Greenhouse Mist Kit creates an ideal environment that encourages healthy plants to achieve their growth potential by using a misting system. A greenhouse is built to maintain an environment that results in the high quality production of crops you are looking for.Photosynthesis is slowed or stopped when humidity levels are low, therefore making greenhouse humidification an important factor.

Greenhouse productivity can be dependent on a number of factors and although our Greenhouse Mist Kit cannot control or affect all variables, it does have a positive impact by regulating the temperature, humidity and moisture content within your greenhouse.

Greenhouse misting systems enhance ventilation and shading, which can help to avoid greenhouse overheating disasters.  They precisely regulate two critical growth factors, for plants to thrive, ideal levels of temperature and humidity, improving productivity and the health of your plants. It accomplishes this by eliminating ‘plant water stress’ which is a primary factor in the growth of all plants.

  • Attaches to standard garden hose or faucet

  • No special tools required

  • UV resistant 3/8” tubing

  • Recommended spacing is 24” for cooling

  • Connect filter to a potable water source

  • Attach female hose end to filter

  • Insert tubing into female hose end

  • Pressing orange collar releases the tubing

  • Attach the tubing to your structure

  • Use tubing cutter to cut tubing

  • Insert end plug into last fitting

  • IMPORTANT: Flush system before installing nozzles

  • Point nozzles away from the structure

  • Place Auto Drain Valve at the lowest point

  • Pressure: 45-160 psi

  • .012 Brass/Stainless Mist Nozzles use approx. ½ gph at 60 psi

  • Cold water use only

  • Drain water in cold climates

  • Clean nozzle by soaking in CLR or Vinegar

  • Replace filter annually in hard water areas

  • Expandable to 60’ of mist with 30 nozzles and proper pressure

  • 1 year limited warranty

  • Note: The higher the pressure, the finer the mist. Low pressure may result in wet areas and may not produce a mist, but more of a spray.

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