Propagation Mist Kit w/timer
Propagation Mist Kit w/timer

PMK549 - Propagation Mist Kit with #549 Misting Timer that times in seconds

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Propagation Mist Kit with 549 Misting Timer can be used for plant propagation, starting seeds, watering tender seedlings, patio misting, cooling pets, etc. The #549 Misting Timer, that is easy to set, times in seconds, Program your own start-stop times up to 9. Has solar panel and rain sensor.

Installs in minutes and can be expanded. With 50' of mist line you put the nozzles anywhere you choose in your custom system. Nozzles also rotate, for precise positioning. Simply attaches to a faucet with the 200 mesh stainless steel filter that's included. Cut tubing to desired length, install misters onto the tubing, then attach to your structure and turn on the water.

Included with the 549 Mist Timer:
1-Female Hose Adapter
50' Tubing (5/16" od, UV resistant)
8- Adjustable Mist Nozzles (7 inline, 1 end)
1- Stainless Steel 200 meshT-Filter
8-Hanging Snap Clips
8-Nail on Tubing Clamps
8-Cable Ties


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